Williamson’s sources only the best and freshest veg Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have to offer

Situated near to the Humber Estuary, Williamson’s is in a prime location to source the highest quality vegetables from growers in the proud agricultural counties of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

All of our potatoes, greens, tomatoes and cucumbers are sourced from within a 50-mile radius of our warehouse, meaning we receive them in the freshest state we can, ready to be delivered to our loyal customer base of restaurants, hotels, pubs, cafes, shops and catering businesses.

We sell a full range of locally sourced, British seasonal favourites as well as salad vegetables sourced from as nearby as Brough, and a host of other, more exotic vegetables imported from overseas. This means we can supply everything our clients need to keep their customers happy.

When buying from abroad, we work with a network of trusted agents who we know only source from the highest quality growers. Doing this ensures the quality of the vegetables we buy from outside the UK.

Williamson’s prides itself on offering unparalleled freshness and choice in the vegetables we sell.

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